On our own terms: Towards a critical intersecitional ‘FemiLISt’ movement


This paper reports on a systematic literature review of CAIS/ACSI and ASIS&T conference proceedings in order to identify, analyze, and map the presence and application of feminist theories, methods, and epistemologies across a sample of LIS research projects. We seek a better understanding of the application of feminist theories to LIS in order to a) identify how/where it has been taken up (and not taken up); b) identify feminist research themes and influence over time and across sub-domains; and perhaps most importantly, c) to consider how we might build on intersectional feminist theories and praxis in LIS in order to move toward a critical intersectional femiLISt movement that is embraced and embedded within our field.

Jun 9, 2022 4:15 pm — 4:45 pm